• Hydrafacial® | Cleanmyskin
  • Hydrafacial® | Cleanmyskin

Hydrafacial® | Cleanmyskin

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You've never heard of it before? All the beauty icons are talking about it ! A rich, pure and gentle treatment that makes your skin more beautiful than ever in just a few minutes. Cleanmyskin finally offers you the means to opt for a professional treatment, from home and only in 5 minutes!

A care like no other !

It doesn't attack your skin : Thanks to the latest generation technology, Hydrafacial® purifies your skin while gently moisturizing it for intense but non-irritating care.

It adapts to all areas of the face : from the contours of the nose to the dark circles through the forehead, the Hydrafacial® has six tips that each fit one of the areas of your face.

It adapts use natural elements : Forget chemicals and creams of all kinds, choose the natural benefits of water and oxygen for a pure and healthy care.

Perfect skin and complexion : By removing blackheads and dead skin cells, Hydrafacial® leaves your skin free, pure and soft for a glowy complexion that will sublimate your face!


Characteristics : 

- Size: 20 x 4.5 x 4 cm

- Entry power: 3.7W

- Output power: 2W

- High-quality ABS material





Hydrafacial® | Cleanmyskin