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  • Hydrafacial®


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You've never heard of it before? All the beauty icons are talking about it ! A rich, pure and gentle treatment that makes your skin more beautiful than ever in just a few minutes. Cleanmyskin finally offers you the means to opt for a professional treatment, from home and only in 5 minutes!

A care like no other !

It doesn't attack your skin : Thanks to the latest generation technology, Hydrafacial® purifies your skin while gently moisturizing it for intense but non-irritating care.

It adapts to all areas of the face : from the contours of the nose to the dark circles through the forehead, the Hydrafacial® has six tips that each fit one of the areas of your face.

It adapts use natural elements : Forget chemicals and creams of all kinds, choose the natural benefits of water and oxygen for a pure and healthy care.

Perfect skin and complexion : By removing blackheads and dead skin cells, Hydrafacial® leaves your skin free, pure and soft for a glowy complexion that will sublimate your face!


Characteristics : 

- Size: 20 x 4.5 x 4 cm

- Entry power: 3.7W

- Output power: 2W

- High-quality ABS material





Frequent questions

What kind of liquid can I use with ?
We recommend the use of demineralized water, micellar water or conventional tap water.
Which tip to use?
Don't hesitate to test the tips according to their degree of propulsion in order to find the most comfortable for you for each area of the face.
How long should I use it on my skin ?
Enough of the device from the center of your face to the outside by making small circular movements. Do not leave the device for more than 20 seconds in the same area. The treatment lasts on average 3 to 5 minutes for the full face.
How many times do I have to use it to get results ?
We recommend using it every night after your make-up remover. Hydrafacial is not an irritating treatment, on the contrary. so you can use it quite every day.
How do I clean it ?
After use, remove the tip and rinse with clear water and soap. Empty, clean and refill the tank with clean water and allow the unit to run for a few seconds to regenerate the entire circuit.